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We can help find just the right pet for you and your loved ones, whether a cuddly rabbit or a bird, we understand how this is a personal decision. We therefore encourage you to come and visit our shop to see actual pets for sale. Chat through what your requirements are so we can help discover the right pet for you.

We are also involved in rearing pets and animals locally, and will always try and help local based pets and owners.

In particular, we specialise in all kinds of birds including budgies, cockatiels, and zebra finches – we will always have a wide range in the shop ready to view and access to all kinds of other breeds.   We also have various rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters – some of our most popular pets to easily fit into any loving home.   Plus even fish and reptiles and pets like bearded dragon, frozen mice, rats, and pinkies – something a little unusual, but a great selection for those interested in.  

We guarantee to provide all these pets at the best possible price, and offer you help in making the right choice of pets from our current stock or making sure we find or even rear the right one for you. We know what a big decision this is and will help you all the way.

About Us

Pawfection Pets is a pet store in Abertillery offering a range of pets and supplies for whatever need.

A family run pet store business, operated by Ian Stevenson, who has been involved in rearing and looking after pets and animals for many years, and believes in making sure that you choose the right pet or supply for your particular requirements, whether for yourself, your family or children, or even as a gift (although don’t make that decision lightly as you’ll need to be sure that the person receiving the gift not only loves the pet or supply, but that they are committed to truly loving and looking after them).

We have a small team of dedicated people who can help you through the decision process, and of course then provide at the best possible price. We have a selection of pets and supplies in our shop, but we can easily arrange for others to be seen by you, and even help source or even rear just the right one. We take utmost care of all our pets and make sure they receive a loving, warm, and clean home before they become yours.

We are also open 7 days a week as we appreciate that weekends in particular are the best time to care and visit, and we can make special times and arrangements if you wish. We can also offer a delivery service right to your door, which can be ideal if you need to transport pets and any supplies.

We would love to help you in whatever capacity we can – whether you already have an idea of what you want and just want help getting the right pet supplied at the best price,

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